Ben & Janine – Cyprus Wedding – Aphrodite hills – Destination Wedding

I am a little behind with blogging all my gorgeous weddings from last year, and as I sit here on such a grey day I found myself thinking back to this dreamy wedding in particular, so I thought why not start here … and share this one with you all. Ben and Janine are part of my darling family and I was extremely privileged to photograph there stunning Aphrodite Hills wedding in Cyprus in September. They had a lovely intimate ceremony opposite the Aphrodite Chapel, and a tasty dinner reception in the ‘Secret Garden’ courtyard. Of course, I could not go all this way to such a stunning coast without persuading them to come down to the windy rocks with me for some photos! All I can say is that it was totally worth it, and such a good laugh. I had to re-pin most of Janine’s hair by the end of it, we did have a giggle! For anyone considering Cyprus as a wedding destination, it was bloody lovely. Gorgeous weather, beautiful coasts and lovely people (and the food is to die for!!).