I’m Maddie.

      I always find these things hard to write so I thought I would ask my friends to describe me in 3 words. The most common things they said were friendly, positive and creative. Oh and chatty too!  I’m a social person, and love being around people (so I am in the perfect job!).

      I am married to the kindest, funniest, most lovely guy called Nick. We met 12 years ago when I joined a photography studio … he worked there as a photo editor.

      We live together in Hampshire down a lovely lane with our little boy Rupert and our 2 fluffy cats Albee + Luna.

      Some things that I enjoy are … the sound of the sea, sandy feet, laughing with friends, dancing around a table, a raspberry mojito (!), visiting Cornwall, pretty much any kind of chocolate, a good cup of tea, a nice walk, a spot of gardening (old I know!), bike rides, a good book.

      Nick + I got married in 2017 in Devon by the sea!

      Although not featured in these photos, there are some other key people in my life that I could NOT live without.

      My sister. She is my absolute best friend. I feel eternally grateful and lucky to have her.

      My best friends. Uni gang, old work friends and my best friends from when we were babies. I have never laughed harder than with these girls. They all mean the world to me.

      And my family. We are a crazy bunch but I love you all so much.


      I share this with you because I know how important a quick snap of you and a sibling sharing a hug means. I know you will laugh your head off at the dancing shots of you and your best friends rocking out to Kaiser Chiefs at the end of the night, or your mate doing the worm!

      And I know that not everyone will always be here, and a few special photos of them means the absolute world.